Wall Tapestries

Wall hangings in the form of tapestries give a historical look to your house with their unique cultural designs. Moreover, a tapestry on the walls is much more durable than any other decorative piece for your wall because they are made with textiles. Wall tapestries comes in various designs like the mandala wall tapestry, the psychedelic wall tapestry, multicolored, tie & dye, dream catcher, elephant wall tapestries and many more to choose.

Tapestries have always been a center of attraction in churches, homes, and cultural buildings. Moreover, the trend is still hot and people from all over the world use a tapestry on the wall as a centre of attraction for their prestigious house.

When it comes to the usage of tapestries for home décor, the sky's the limit. Therefore, bring out the inner designer and make creative décor ideas with our humongous collection of wall tapestry hangings at Raajsi Boho.


Talking about the styles, tapestries give you a wide range of styles to apply. From modern art, floral, and landscapes to medieval, historical, and bohemian, there’s something for everyone when it comes to wall hanging tapestries.