Tree Of Life Tapestries

At Raajsi, we have an exhaustive collection of the beautifully screen printed tree of life tapestries. For centuries, the tree of life has been a highly symbolic design to many cultures around the world. There is something about a tree of life tapestry that is inspiring, grounding and calming. The tree of life is a universal symbol that transcends religions and cultures and no one group could claim this symbol for themselves.

These tree of life tapestries can be used as simple wall tapestries or can be thrown on the bedding toppers to create a vibrant change in your bedrooms. They can easily be used as sofa covers or furniture covers too. Last but not the least; these can be used as lighter blankets on those not so cold nights to cover yourself. Screen printed by hand we have an exclusive quality of these wall tapestries in eye-soothing colors like, ocean blues, orange, black and blue and also the various designs like the elephant tree of life tapestry and the basic tree of life tapestry with more combinations. 

The Tree of life is a highly symbolic design to many cultures around the world as it represents wisdom, knowledge and an insight to one’s self. The universal symbol has something about it which is inspiring, grounding and calming. The tree of life has been a central symbol in several cultures all around the world and is commonly seen in the carpets and huge wall hangings in old castles. The trend is famous till date is is used by folks as intricate pieces of jewelry, gift items, designs of furniture and the most trending tree of life wall tapestries. These tapestries are used widely to hang up on the walls as they help you with the ability to maintain focus and create a meditative state. The tree of life Indian tapestries are renowned for its exotic beauty and the bohemian vibes. 

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We are a team of artists who love the bohemian lifestyle and Raajsi Boho represents our love for the boho lifestyle, and Indian artisans!

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