Purple Tapestries

Looking at a purple tapestry feels like gazing at an open and dark sky with stars glowing with a complete sense of hope. Purple tapestries give a sense of darkness, a kind of comfortable one, the beautiful darkness of the night with stars all around. Hence, the chosen purple mandala tapestry can be the main center of attraction for a great home decor. 

Royalty is in the veins of kings and purple is a kingmaker. With purple color, the prestige of your house grows significantly. Moreover, tapestries in purple colors are like cherry on the top. There’s surely something magical in the shades of purple. It can make any depiction look soothing and comfortable. We offer a beautiful range of not only the basic purple colored tapestries but you will find the purple color combined with several different colors like the pink & purple floral mandala tapestry, pink & purple ombre mandala tapestry, multicolored tapestries with a splash of purple and more!


At Raajsi Boho, we have a fine range of tapestries in purple color. They are rich in terms of designs and illustrations. You can get anything including religious depictions, floral beauty, landscape art, and even abstract designs on these tapestries.