Go bold and boho with our vibrant white and green peacock mandala tapestry. The intelligently built pattern of a round motifs resemble the universally famous Japanese fan print. This white and green peacock mandala tapestry design makes you feel drawn inside by gradually growing pattern from inwards to outwards. The designed leaves are neatly lined up straight in a circular pattern which is so attractive. The highlight of this peacock mandala tapestry is the vivid play of its colors. The warm tones are likeable to create a welcoming aura. Due to the white base it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor requirements. Use it unhesitatingly as a mat or a throw on a beach or outdoor floor spread. We will suggest you to closely observe the beautiful designs made in the periphery of the sheet. It’s an intricate floral print that encloses the circular mandala creating a visual appeal. If you are a lover of print art, you just cannot miss to appreciate this piece in our collection.

This mandala tapestry comes four different color variants. It can be a masterpiece for elaborate decor at your place. These tapestries can be used as bed spreads or wall hangings. Made from tightly woven 100% pure cotton our products are eco- friendly and cruelty free.

White and Green Peacock Mandala Tapestry

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    • Machine wash and Hand wash with normal water using mild laundry detergent.
    • Do not bleach. Iron on low heat if desired.
    • Tumble dry low.
    • Durable and lightweight. All weather conditions are favorable.