Wall Tapestries - The Most Important Dorm Room Essentials of All Times!

The term break is over and starting the dorm life all over again may start with brainstorming for your dorm room décor and the essentials. The dorm room decor is literally incomplete without a wall tapestry hung up on those basic walls, and yes, it almost is complete with just one huge tapestry hung up on the wall, if chosen in the right color and patterns. Try starting the decor with the wall tapestries for your dorm this year!

Dorm rooms are a whole world in themselves for a student life. When the vibe-savvy youngsters are packed in a limited space with limited budget, wall tapestries can be the rescue to the boring blank dorm rooms. A tapestry for a dorm room is an easy, affordable and super stylish décor idea. Social media is flooded with tapestries as wall hangings and this hype is for a reason. Wall tapestries are pieces of textile art that come in so many varieties to fit the need of the buyers. Available in vibrant colors and printed with all catchy art they are game changer for decorating small dorm spaces. A useful tip is to always check your college guidelines for the residents, be aware of what is allowed and what can get you in trouble before you pick the wall tapestry of your choice.

If you are keen to give your room a notch high décor transformation then, keep reading people!

Bohemian Mandala Tapestries-

Packed with beauty, art and cultural roots bohemian tapestries make it to the top of our list. The bohemian mandala tapestries will be the hypnotizing element in your décor. Other forms of bohemian tapestries like Buddha tapestries, elephant tapestries are a great choice if you are looking for calming and spiritually inspired wall hangings. Bohemian tapestries are found in both contemporary and traditional prints, so beautiful and intricate that they change the aura of the formal dorm rooms.

Hippie Style Tapestries-

Agree it or not, the college vibes are all about being adventures and unconventional. What else than a hippie style décor can go along with sometimes sane, sometimes silly student life? Tapestries with psychedelic prints, vibrant colors or tribal motifs can be everything a hippie soul may want on the dorm wall.

Black and White-

You are never wrong with this ever-classy color combo. Black and white tapestries are an easy pick for a minimal and chic dorm décor. There is almost every type of tapestries that comes in B&W color variants.

Fun and Famous –

Let us take it easy! Go and find yourself and your dorm room a tapestry printed with fun slogans, your favorite band lyrics or anything that you think will look cool on that wall. Wall tapestries are a more artistic replacement to those wrinkled posters and frames. If you are potter head or a GOT fan, if Harvey is in your fandom or you still swear by your favorite authors. Prints of reel characters, famous lines and slangs are all out there available as tapestries for your dorm wall.

Zodiac and Astro-inspired tapestries

If the stars fantasize you then get yourself a tapestry with constellations and planetary designed prints. Zodiac fanatics can hang their personality and sign inspired tapestries on the dorm wall.

Nature Tapestries –

Landscapes, murals and animal prints are eye-soothing and sync in with any kind of themed décor. Mostly dorm rooms do not come with a reviving view but you can still decorate your room by adding your choice of nature tapestry in your décor.

Stylish Ways To Decorate Dorm Room With Wall Tapestries

Wall Hanging on the Dorm Wall-

One of the standard ideas is to stretch the tapestry on dorm wall as wallpaper. A subtle drape and patterns can also be made to customize it as per one’s own choice.

Headboard Out of Tapestry-

Create a headboard for your bed with the help of tapestry. If you are not in for the idea to hang the tapestry on the dorm wall then converting it into a headboard and adding plywood or foam for sturdiness can be a great alternative.


Sleep under the beautiful tapestries by attaching it to the wall to create a canopy over your bed. The dorm room can be converted into a cozy den with this creative idea.

Polaroid Photo Wall-

Make a Polaroid wall using your favorite tapestry. A dorm wall with tapestry can be reinvented into picture wall. Hang the wall tapestry in your dorm and line it up with your polaroid collection of memorable photos, captions, stickers or even reminders and notes. And your dorm wall will be your all-in-one DIY art with this amazing fusion.

Lights and Sparkles-

A touch of sparkles and it can make those doomy dorms into a dazzling personal space. Use LEDs as the backlight before you hand tapestries for that glowy effect. Or experiment by decorating wall tapestries with lights, lanterns bulbs and other stuff to make your dorm room interesting.

How to Hang Tapestries on Dorm Wall

It is extremely convenient to use wall tapestries as they are very versatile and easy to use. Tapestries come in all kinds of heavy and light textile material and you can choose as per your requirement. To hang a wall tapestry in a dorm room you can search for the nails or fixtures already installed in the dorm or otherwise you can go for these easy alternatives:

· Use adhesive stripes or Velcro linings for light tapestries to stick them on a wall.

· Use Removable adhesive hooks and reusable tapes.

· Tie a string or wire connecting any pre-installed nails and hang the tapestry.

· If you are lucky to have rail moldings in your wall then make use of it to hang wall tapestries.

· Use dowels and rods to install heavy tapestries

· Paste your tapestry on a plywood or foam board and place it aligned to the dorm wall.

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