The Best Room Decor Ideas and How They Changed Over the Ages

Getting back to dorm life may not be exciting after the sun-kissed summer break. But the idea to renovate your dorm room décor into something new and interesting may help you get started this year on a good note. If you go with the trends, wall decors, art pieces, dorm room tapestry and functional décor items are picked up by students to incorporate in their same old hostel room. Let’s take a little inspiration from bygone years and infuse our present day popular décor ideas to analyse what changed in the dorm spaces over the time. You can change how your room looks by some simple DIY for your dorm or you can follow our simple and affordable guide that can make the work easy for you.

Dorm room tapestries

A lot has changed over ages for dorm room décor ideas, but something remained the same, like Tapestries. The mood of your small dorm can be lit up by just a minor change in how your bed looks. Hippie beddings involve the use of bohemian tapestries, patchwork covers, bedspreads and cushions to cosy up the conventional dorm rooms.

The simplified approach to dorm room décor for all the generations has been to involve items that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The beginning of the 70's came with a wind of bohemian hype, especially among the youth. Bohemian tapestries, handicraft, psychedelic décor became a regular code of student life. Tapestries are printed or woven textiles that come in eclectic designs like mandala tapestries or elephant print tapestries which are used as art and multi-functional for regular use. The prints and colors of tapestries can be chosen as per your wish and explore all corners of your creativity, while you use tapestries for a hippie-inspired décor.

Study spaces

From studying under oil lamps to Kindle and audio books, our study spaces have come a long way. What a dorm room décor will never fail to have is a proper study space. In most of the student residences, you will get a table, chair a book cabinet. And there is a lot you can do to personalise it,

  • Try to build a Polaroid wall or a bulletin board on the wall of your study corner, you can either put up sketches or quotes, timetables, stick notes to track routines.

  • Just go for a simple handmade wall hanging or a wall art.

  • Hand-woven fabrics or printed textiles can be used to line chairs or used as table cloth.

  • Arrange your books in those rustic vintage cases and make it your study space like a mini library from the 80's.

  • Make your own pen stands our use hand crafted boxes and vases to store your stationary and go to items.

In short my pals.. just surround yourself with anything that can help you to get through your study hours.

Make Room for Gadgets.

One thing definitely has a major contribution in the dramatic change of life at dormitories, our Gadgets. The laptops and tablets all lit up for exam months and the smart-phones buzzing all the time to connect your small dorm to what’s going around the globe. The old radio sets or heavy video games have replaced sleek and modern gizmos which take up a lot of space and attention to your dorm.

First things first. Sort out safe and working electrical connections in your dorm room. Locate the power switches & sockets and arrange a setup for your charging cables and wires with it. Use a cable holder clip and place it on the walls or behind your bed and study table. This will help to keep them detangled and look neat so you don’t spend hours finding your changers and connectors. Use pocket wall hangings as wall decors and place all your important cards, USB’s, chips or pen-drives. Design yourself a workspace and use art pieces, paintings and lights to decorate it.

Storage and essentials

Storage is a challenge which all generations of students have faced in their dorm life. No matter how less you bring to your residence, over the time you start to pile up stuff. Paper works, files & folders,Clothes, shoes, the confectioneries and late night snacks you hoard. Everything just starts to fill up the space and to de-clutter it seems difficult.

The best way is to use dorm room décor ideas that are multipurpose. Here are some changes you can make around your small dorm to stuff all your storage and still look manageable and clean.

  • Use the handmade stools which have space for storage.

  • Use lofts or space under the bed by making storage using DIY storage boxes by customizing wooden crates or boxes.

  • Buy wall hangings that can be used to store and hang essentials.

  • You can place mini desk drawers on your side tables to store small items.

  • Make a standing shoe rack using some tension rods and long wooden strips. Place this aligned to the wall or behind the door to store your foot wear.

Dorm room décor is now an essential for the student as after a day of grind and fun you need a space to wind up. Students often go through phases of mental and psychological changes all through their dorm life and so does their likes and dislikes change. It is always advisable to opt for décor ideas that are creative, calming and the same time flexible.

Never forget some basics. Always know the do’s and don’ts of your residence or hostels before you plan for your dorm room décor ideas. The secret to good savings is to pick second -hand or thrift shop items and always try to up-cycle goods. If you tend to spend most of your time in your dormitory then create a décor that can help you thrive in every possible way.

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