Tapestry Decors - THE BIG MOOD for your 2020 Room Decor Ideas

Are you a boho soul? If yes, then decorating your place with tapestry will make you feel home. At Raajsi we share our ideas on how to decorate with tapestry and satisfy your love for art.

Tapestry decorations are trending in 2020, because of their versatility. Whether you want to go traditional and rustic or jazz up the room with an ultra modern look, just choose your favourite tapestries to set the mood. Bring in the touch of vintage class or go hippie with a splash of colours. You can decorate with tapestry to mould your room in any era and in every style. Tapestry is art inked on fabric that can drape multi - dimensional colours, patterns and designs around you. They are believed to be a tool to connect with good vibes, incline with cultural heritage and to fathom the wonders of textile art. Be the decor guru of your social circle. Make your place a reflection of the creative energies within you. Get ready to welcome the appreciation of visitors and live around with the most photogenic backgrounds. Here are some easy and popular ideas to guide you on how to decorate with tapestry---- 1.Hypnotic Mandalas Mandala is a geometric configuration of patterns and colours .They are believed by healers to create a radial balance of body, mind and soul. The Mandala holds a spiritual importance of creating a sacred space and is used by experts to aid meditation and healing. These mandalas when used in intricate prints can become the game changer for your tapestry decorations. Mandala tapestry is a perfect choice if you are a beginner in the world of decor. Select the space in your room where you wish to create a focal point. The abstract designs of the Mandala will draw all the attention to its detailed composition. Hang your mandala tapestry on a wall , use it as a bedspread or frame it in a solid case and put it up on your favourite wall, just to adore this symmetric art. 2.Outdoor fun Who doesn't love the refreshing outdoor leisure time. Amidst the beautiful nature, starry sky or warm bonfire, why should you settle with boring conventional tents. Decorate your tents with beautiful tapestries, Use the vibrant tapestries as mats and covers for a memorable night under the sky. You have all the options to create a perfect bohemian vibe for an outdoor party with these wonderful tapestries. 3. A Minimalist's treasure Minimalism is a growing culture of the coming decade. Our Raajsi team encourages our minimalist clients to decorate their spaces with tapestries to create the ultimate chic and simplistic look. All you need is to pick your favourite tapestry from our diverse collection. Throw it up as a decorative tool on your wall, the floor or drape your furniture and Voila! With just a yard of multipurpose tapestry textile, you have access to modern and affordable decor. 4.Carpet, rugs and mats. The more we talk about the versatility of tapestry decorations, the less it is. Use Tapestry as carpets and spread liveliness over your floor. Sew it into a comfy rug to sit over with a cup of coffee and your favourite book or astonish your guests with mats made out of fascinating tapestries. 5. Enchanting Canopy Lebanese style of hanging colourful fabrics on the ceiling has inspired the community of interior designers, art directors and creative artists. May be that is the reason why magic of tapestries is used to decorate the sets on the canvas of cinema. You too can add the aura of Aladdin in your room! Hang your tapestry on the ceiling as a canopy or a overhead covers of your beds. Add LED light series or stick glittery stickers to add the sparkle to room. 6. Innovative furnishings Add a distinctive element to your usual furniture. Use tapestry as decorative sofa covers, cushions or table cloth.

Another innovative idea is to use tapestry as curtains and give ethinic features to your windiw panes.

Make the most out of your old belongings dear readers with the use of your handpicked tapestry. Wrap and stitch exquisite tapestry fabrics over worn off or old fashioned items to reuse them. 7. Unlock spirituality Tapestries and their breathtaking beauty is used as a tool to enlightenment and spiritual connectivity.

Enigmatic prints on tapestry are symbolic to positivity. Different animals, sources of nature or zodiac signs captured into exuberant designs holds individual importance. Decorate your room with tapestry having the display of the mighty elephant or the exhilarating print of Tree of Life which celebrates the connection of the heavens and the earth.

Generate pure energies in your room by hanging the tapestry with desired prints and meanings. Check out our handpicked collection of tapestries with wide varieties of expressive prints. 8. Black And White You can never go out of trend with monochrome pallette in your decor. A black and white tapestry with magnificent mandala or other prints is all you need to build a classy room decor this year. Nothing can be better than monochrome tapestries to decorate your formal living spaces or interiors with neutral color gradient 9. Tie and dye Confused about what Tapestry to choose that goes along the colour scheme of your room. Our suggestion is to try out the scintillating Tie and Dye tapestry designs. The folks who are admirers of the colorful textile art should not miss out to have a tie and dye tapestry. The random and eye-catching patterns made by this traditional method will help you to decorate with a touch of quirkiness. 10. Polaroid wall Decorate by using attractive tapestry as a pin board to make your own polarod wall. You can create a DIY photo calendar or pin your memories using tapestries as background. Get rid of the old school bulletin boards and use winsome tapestry sheets to stick your personalized notes, reminder or qoutes. 11. The Sun and The Moon

' The Sun watches all I do the Moon knows all my secrets' -J.W. Wonderland Invite the celestial glory in your room by adding a Sun and Moon tapestries into your decor. You can add it in your meditation corner or hang it as a masterpiece to add a gothic edge to your place. The Sun represents power and life, The moon is believed to be Goddess of beauty and regeneration. They are believed to reinforce psychedelic energies and have spiritual importance. Use a piece of your choice from our ethereal collection of the sun and moon tapestry to add a mystical charm to your decor. With all the above Ideas you can be playful with your aesthetics and use tapestry to decorate your room in whatever way you like.

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