How to have a comfy and hippie room to yourself - DIY

It is the believers of energies and vibrations, who know the art of living a hippie lifestyle. In this world of hustle and hassle to have a hippie room and take refuge in its psychedelic themed décor can be a fascinating idea. For creating a hippie-inspired décor, there exists so much information and products that it is easy to go clueless. But take our word and put down your thinking hats! With some easy DIYs and hippie room ideas you can have your own comforting and unconventional territory .

  • Hippie bedding for your comfort

A quick and effective idea to renovate your room is to introduce a new style of beddings. With no major changes, just some hippie bedspreads can take you so close to achieve a goal of a cozy and hippie room decor.

  • Bohemian tapestries are the easiest way to create a no-effort hippie look for your room. Throw a printed tapestry or layer them on your bed.

  • Line up some embroidered pillows or make your own DIY by using new bohemian cushion covers and stitch it with patches or tassels of your choice.

  • Switch your simple blankets with Kantha quilts or reinvent your regular blankets by adding motifs, glass-work or hippie style covers on it.

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  • DIY Dream-Catcher

Dream catchers can be a great way to give a dramatic and mysterious touch to you hippie room décor. The roots of dream catchers are believed to date back to ancient Native-American culture, but even in 21st century spirits they are popular for their queer vibes and enchanting pattern. Here is a simple DIY guide to make a dream catcher of your own. Try it and who knows they may catch some nightmares for you!

You will need :

  • A strong circular hoop (use a bangle, a similar item from your unused items or for making a hoop u can use a flexible thick metal wire.)

  • Embroidery floss/ Suede/a thick thread of your choice. (go hippie with your colour choices!)

  • Feathers

  • Beads, stones, decorative embellishments.


  • Wrap the hoop with a leather tape, thread or cord and make sure it is covered properly.

  • Now make the web of your dream catcher. Use the suede or thread and tie it securely on one end of hoop and start making web.

  • Make loops side to side. It can be heptangular (7-sided loop) or octagonal (8-sided loop). The more sides you make it dense and detailed your web will become.

  • In the second loop, repeat the process, but in the inward loops tie the end of the thread to the middle of every loop. Repeat the process until you reach the centre.

  • Secure the centre with a tight knot.

  • Add feathers and beads hanging down in the form of strings on the hoop.

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  • Macrame wall hangings

Macrame is back in trend. A great hippie room idea will be to use them on your walls to add a classic touch. There are beautiful macrame knitted products available and to make one for yourself all you will need is a cotton twine/ jute twine and a skill of knitting them into beautiful patterns. The more you practice, the better types of DIY macrame crafts can fill up in your hippie room.

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  • Bohemian Planters

Indoor plants add life and freshness to the space. Earthen pots engraved with wishful patterns or rustic vases of vintage era can upgrade your décor in no time. Up-cycle wooden crates and metal containers and make a green heaven in your personal bedroom or a hippie inspired corner of your home.

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  • Gypsy memoirs

Psychedelic decor needs a little bit of craziness and a whole lot of uniqueness. Gypsy memoires like colourful fabrics and rugs can give an edgy look to a boring room setting. Buy old lamps, candle-holders, bird cages, paintings and memoirs that attract you. Gypsy style is mostly nature inspired, so adding printed textiles of sun, moon and stars can be great inclusions for a hippie style room. To make it more interesting, you can try psychedelic tapestries or tie and dye tapestries for hippie beddings or prints to give a splash of vivid colours to your room.

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  • Crystals

How crystals can heal and protect you is simply a whole subject to talk about. But what may be useful to you now is that, using meaningful crystals and adding them in your space adds good vibrations and is a trouble-free way to build a hippie room for yourself. Varying in shapes and forms, found in ranges of neutral shades and vivid colours, crystal are a go to tip for a hippie room decor. You can use your crystals in form of unused jewellery or webbed in hangings to decorate the walls.

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  • Mirrors and lights

Mirror, mirror on the wall! Beautiful engraved and vintage frames holding glazed mirrors can be so enchanting if used in a right way. Another DIY hippie décor idea can be to paint on mirrors to make abstract glass paintings or just hang them on wall as a decorative item. A whimsical touch can be added by using old, blurry mirrors with metal holders. Use a large mirror surrounded by artefacts and a hippie style dressing corner will become the centre of attraction in your room.

Use scented candles, add coloured films of the windows or use dim or sparkling lights. A right lighting can set the right mood for a hippie room.

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In this urban world, celebrate free-spirited living and the flower-child in you by using hippie room ideas. Go hunt in the nearby thrift shops, order online or dig in your old belongings. Collect everything you need for your psychedelic decor and on your high notes, just get started!

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