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The perfect gift! All we want is to give our loved ones the perfect gift which can unmistakably conveys what they mean to us. Hand-made home decor gifts are an intelligent pick, so that your gifts are actually useful to the receiver. And if you are looking for something aesthetically meaningful then, Bohemian tapestries, embroidered pillow covers or exuberant Kantha quilts are an excellent handmade gift options. We all have been in that spot where we need to get something special for someone special. For many it is a tiring process to decide, what to gift? And how to make sure it’s loved both by the receiver and your wallet. Globally, bohemian tapestries, hippie style decors are trending and well received by all social classes. Handmade bohemian home decor gifts or as we call them – “the better idea” are the options available for those who want to make their money and effort count.



Infuse your personal touch and love by easy and overwhelming boho DIYs. For creating DIYs for home decor, always remember to use safe and attractive products. We will suggest you to keep few crafty items handy so that you can go creative when it comes to customizing your gifts. A box full of colorful beads and threads, pretty laces and a collection of decoration items can be in your tool box if you plan to give away DIY gifts this year. Have a look on some of the trending bohemian DIYs.

Play With Tapestries

There are endless possibilities to make creative home decor items out of bohemian tapestries. Make smart use of the diverse colors and prints to create bedding sets, cushion covers, customized rugs or dorm wall hangings. A detailed blog exclusively on bohemian tapestries for decor is uploaded here https://www.raajsiboho.com/post/tapestry-decors-the-big-mood-2020-room-decor-ideas , check it out for more information.


Gather all the glittery and peppy decoration items and give your artistic mind a festive workout. A cool idea can be to make an earthy and colorful Wreath to express your everlasting love to each other. Hand paint on old cutleries or on those lonely, left out china plates and bowls to give away as home decor pieces. If you are fond of gifting DIY Christmas tree decoration items, then use beads and threads to make classic socks or a boho inspired tree stand will surely add a hippie vibe to your Christmas gift list.

Mother's Day Gifts DIYs

Your mom will love anything you make for her, but won’t it be wonderful if she can use it as a proud decor item in a corner of her home. A hand painted ceramic vases and pots which can be placed in her living room can be used in many ways. Try to make some customized bohemian charms, jewel boxes or hand embroidered pillow cases. You can create a wall art made up of memories of your childhood and her favorite pictures that she will treasure every time she looks at it.

Valentine Gifts DIYs

To make your valentine feel special what can be better to make a DIY that can be exactly what you want to gift your love. Gift a home decoration item that can remind them of you. Handmade bohemian decorations using tapestries, patchwork pillows and lanterns can be used to give surprise room renovations. A DIY photo frame holding your handpicked pictures, DIY woven basket, and a hand-crafted box to place accessories or most craved confectioneries can be non-cheesy romantic gifts for your date.

Bohemian Charms & Memoirs

The entire bohemian culture is based on feeling positive and liberated. Make DIYs to reverberate with hippie vibes and gift it to someone who wish to add mystery and glory to their decors. Different types of handmade dream catchers, tassel hangings, wind chimes and many more interesting DIY home decor items can be given as bohemian memoirs.

DIY Candle Holders

It’s your sheer creativity that matters while working on a DIY. An interesting handmade bohemian gift for home decor can be a DIY candle holders. Use wooden planks or old metal pieces, decorate using glass and threads to give it a sturdy and catchy look. Whenever a scented candle will be lit, this gift of yours will transcend your love and efforts.


Whether you are planning a surprise or an important date on your calendar is approaching you, the anxiety to plan, search and buy presents are less-loved tasks to lot of people. To save you from the major brainstorming, here are some interesting tips and information on hand-made decor gifts to give you a clever edge on how to make people go gala over your gift ideas.

Bohemian tapestries – handmade in India

The art of tapestries is a celebration of spiritual beliefs through textile prints. Available in astonishing varieties of designs, they can be used in so many creative ways to give a room a completely new makeover. The best of traditional mandala and elephant tapestries are made by generations of artisans from India. A good quality tapestry with likable prints and design is the best versatile gift you can give away this year.

The Kantha quilts

Native to the artisans of south-Asia, the origins of KANTHA quilts dates back to centuries of improvisations and pure folk art. Once used as bedding made out of colorful patches, now the traditional Kantha quilts have reached global markets and is highly demanded by textile art lovers. These quilted blankets are visually appealing due to vibrant patchwork and intricate stitching patterns made with hands. The quality may differ as per the thickness of layers and type of patterns you choose. Give away your warm wishes nestled in the beautiful Kantha quilts.

Macrame decor pieces

Those old day knits and knots are back in fashion. Macrame is an art of creating decorative patterns by knitting thread. From wall hangings to throws and covers, this interesting knitting technique can take shape of an artist’s ideas for creating many beautiful and useful handmade decor items. During 1970’s the bohemian lifestyle spread like wave which made macrame art popular. In recent years the social media trends have showcased an increased use of macrame crafts as handmade options for bohemian home decors.

Embroidered pillow covers

Embroidery around the world vary from culture to culture. There are numerous types and techniques of embroidery. One of the key to include handmade items in your home decor is to get yourself a beautifully embroidered cushion covers that can add a subtle touch of traditional handmade art into your space. You can experiment with different colors and patterns. Everything today is just a click away, hunt for the embroidery that fulfills the vision for your decor and customize it to be displayed on your cushion covers, or may be a table cloth or on your favorite laced curtains.

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Patchwork pillow covers

Patchwork is a design on textiles made by stitching different pieces of fabrics together. An expertise in needlework is involved to create a wonderful pattern from different abstract pieces of fabrics in different shapes and sizes. Previously discussed Kantha quilts are famously available in fascinating patchwork designs. Patchwork pillow covers, due to mixture of colors and patterns can be used to break monotony in a decor space.

Bohemian woven Carpets, throws and rugs

Tapestries and Kantha quilts can be used as a defining room decor if used as throws and rugs. Other options can be the handmade carpets and handwoven rugs and throws which are available in standard and small sizes. Elaborate carpets made in the traditional looms are now used by designers to highlight flooring and give luxurious aura to the decor. Made from branded and unbranded nylon, wool, jute, or cotton, there are variety ranging from heavy Persian rugs to the densely knotted Killim rugs.

Bohemian Inspired Clocks and Wall Decor Art

Packed as elegant wall clocks with mandala as a base or a boho art on it’s dial, to gift a bohemian inspired wall clocks can be a unique gift. Featured with spiritual sciences and peppy colors and designs together make a vivid timepiece. You may also find many handmade traditional wall arts representing different cultures on the world map and all you need is to order and wrap up your favorites as a home decor gift.

Many other options are available for a bohemian inspired, handmade gift ideas for home decor. You can look for a hand-carved pieces, folk style paintings from different cultures of the world and other showpieces like vintage chandeliers and lanterns to rustic sculptures. Choose products sourced from ethical and native sources while considering to buy a handmade item. It’s always good to have some knowledge of the art and culture while seeking as a buyer in marketplace of handmade items to ensure good quality products.

HANDMADE vs. HAND CRAFTED You may have perceived them to be synonymous but handmade and handcrafted items have completely different meanings in the decor world. Hand-craftsmanship is a form of handmade art to make designs of wood, clay or metal with the hands or tools . There still exits forms of hand-crafting that is centuries old and preserved by small tribes and cultures in different corners of the world. They are regional and technique specific and can be used in sculptures, walls or to create everyday utility items. In the universe of handmade products, handicraft is a major niche that attracts buyers and collectors in terms of their beauty and skills involved.


There are thousand ways to thank technology and industrial products to make our lives easy and fast. But even in this era of quick productions and 100% accuracy, people find beauty in light strokes of fingers or consuming knits and designs shaped out of human creativity. Handmade items may not match the speed and bulk productivity of machine-made products but there is always an inclination towards skilled labor and years of honored art forms that still adorns human civilizations and their choices. In the end, if it satisfies you and is beautiful to you then hand-made or machine made, doesn’t matter!


Technically, if you are comparing the intense labor of rigorously trained artisans with the minute made items of mass-producing and cost-saving machine units then YES! Handmade products may seem expensive to you.

Handmade products accounts to the total cost of the raw material which are regional specific, making charges, export-import duties and taxes before they reach the customers. But if you wander in the category of handmade items as a whole, you will find that there exists a wide range of selling prices. If you wish you can easily find an affordable handmade decor item and also, as per your budget permits then, sky is the limit when it comes to the pricing of unique handmade decor pieces. There are many good quality, comparatively low cost products in market place but not every sale able item on the store shelf can justify customer satisfaction. While buying handmade products be verified about the genuineness of the art piece and also be aware that every penny you shell out while buying handmade stuff is reaching talented artists who are keeping the revered handmade art alive.


The answer to your why, lies in the perceived importance which a handmade item carries with itself. Every handmade gift is etched with the flowing creativity of the maker and the art that has generations of legends and learning. The millennial interior designers reintroduced the fusion of traditional and contemporary home decor that brought a hike in demand of handmade goods. Call it a heralding trend of online exposure or a passion towards owning antiquated art forms, a handmade home decor gifts, is what every person will cherish.

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