5 Reasons Why Bohemian and Eclectic Bedding Sets Are the New Trend

After a sweet slumber, to wake up in a room which matches your taste and vibrations is something that’s trending. If you are still stuck with that old and passable bedroom decor then here’s your wake up call. The latest heat on social media is the timeless love towards bohemian and Coachella fashion trends. It is interesting how influencers, designers and professional artists have experimented with different boring bedroom spaces to create surprisingly fun and highly acclaimed bedding decors. And the world seems to go gala over these easy, affordable and trending bohemian bedding ideas. The use of mandala tapestries as bed spreads, covers or pillow cases and traditional prints and designs are the show-stoppers of hippie style bedding. Featuring of intricate embroidery or woven covers and revisiting vintage and cultural art forms around the globe, hippie bedding items are on raging demand. Incorporating the bohemian style bedding sets is proved to be a game changer for this generation who has been unconventional towards styling their living spaces. This hippie style for bedding is trending for reasons which will convince you why bohemian bedding is worth the hype!

1. Less is More

To get rid of the clutter is important to allow the energies flow. The booming trends of minimalism and decluttering needs elements that can be used singularly to add colors, fun and meaning at the same time. Bohemian tapestries with hypnotizing mandala designs can be the sole winner to light up your bedroom. Or brightly colored pillow covers with unique patterns and prints on a solid color bedsheet can break the monotony.

2. Variety & Versatility

No need to carry on with one type of setting or decor in your bedroom. Fascinating varieties of bohemian bedding sets and comes in all types of sheets, spreads, covers, colors, prints and styles make the bohemian trends as unquestionably versatile. It’s extremely easy to organize or switch styles and tones in your own hippie style bedroom as the options are many. Change how your bedroom looks with the change of seasons, moods and your fluctuating list of likes and dislikes. Same set of fabrics and throws can be used to create different looks. A range of contemporary tapestries like black and white or monochrome tapestries is up there for simplistic bedroom decor ideas. Also, fun is unleashed when all kinds of bright and pastel colors, rustic and urban patterns come packaged in bohemian bedding sets made with your own personal touch.

3. Key to mindfulness and spirituality

Bohemian life is synonymous to other worldly and carefree living. The desire to connect to the deeper self, boho living use the decor as a tool to stay mindful and positive. It’s hard to miss the extensive use of Celtic designs and enlightening symbols in any bohemian prints, which supports spiritual meanings attached with ancient theories and beliefs. The mandala (making designs around a central point of focus) known for therapeutically and meditation uses, it is widely used in bohemian art. There is a creative use of psychical imageries of animals, tree of life, yogic chakras, dream catchers and so many more that can be seen in hippie tapestries or textile items. Tapestries and covers are printed with these prominent prints which are used as hippie beddings and that is how they add purpose for the users and make the room look peppy and put together.

Image credits - etsy.com / @thetiedyehippie

4. No conditions apply

Your wish and comfort is everything in the nonchalant world of bohemian culture. Layer any kind of prints and shades to create kaleidoscopic art all over your bed, use bed sheets with majestic designs on your headboard or use it as a canopy. There is no need to stick with any color palette or style, just let your creative side do the magic. Be simple by choosing calming tapestry bedding sets and light colored cases and covers, get classy with black and white hippie decor items or go strikingly boho with limitless types and possibilities to create your own bohemian bedding set with no rule-book.

5. Aesthetics Counts!

In the end of the day all of the mixing and styling works when the trending bohemian beddings gives your same loved bedroom a breathtaking renovation. Why social media today is flooded with background and decor pictures that have elemental boho art? The answer lies in the distinctive prints, use of traditional and spiritual designs, and its symbolism of liberating positivity and of course, the undeniable beauty of bohemian tapestries, fabrics and textile art pieces. Visually appealing bohemian beddings can make the bedroom a cool hang out space, fill aesthetics on those comfy stay at home selfies and make your private space a work of art.

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