5 Hippie Bedroom Ideas to Turn the Space Into a Hippie Hideaway

A Hippie bedroom in itself is a solace after a long day to any boho soul. Coming back every time to a place which gives you all the reasons to ditch that late night party, it’s a goal! But to assemble a bedroom that can be comfortable and aesthetic at the same time, turns out challenging for most of us. Our bedroom is a place where we can put down our guards and be ourselves completely. Your bedroom is your very private space, where all those dreams are woven and aspirations are built, a personal den for you and your friends for a crazy night-out or a calming place for your nocturnal hours. A hippie room can give you the vivacity to set yourself free.

Many times a visually attractive decor is too difficult to maintain and restrict you to experiment with your ideas. You may like some curtains but they may not go with your pre-decided color pallet or you cannot keep those funky but extremely dear collection of books, boxes or sketches because they are against the rules of your new high-end renovation. So if you are someone who cannot feel the belonging to their own space, for them, we say to let go all that’s holding you and be a hippie spirit. Play with your imagination and create a bedroom that reflects everything you love and believe in. Whether it’s your new apartment or a small dorm room, turn your space as your heart desires and let that bohemian energy flow. Here are 5 unfailing methods that anyone can try to have a Hippie hideaway for themselves.


The list of hippie room ideas is incomplete without the mention of tapestries. Tapestries are used in all kinds of decor purposes but the most workable idea is to use it for bedding. The wide range of hypnotizing prints on a textile is the easiest and most flexible way to add a bohemian element to your bedroom. Tapestry bedding sets are packages of bedspreads, patchwork covers, Kantha quilts, bohemian pillow covers. Mix and match different colors and patterns and customize how your bed looks like, the way you wish it to be. To all those who wish to make their bed space as the highlight of their hippie bedroom, for them a tapestry bedding set is the go to option.


Grab the style of the 70's and the spark of 80’s and bring it to your bedroom. Fill in the space with old records, copper vases, decorated wine bottles, vintage clocks, collectible posters, boxes and items that you relate to. To incorporate the vintage look, try to use metallic colours and chic old furniture. A cool idea is to bring in some street style by having a wall spray painted with graffiti. This shabby and laid-back spirit will make your bedroom look like a setting from a hippie pop culture.


To brainstorm new Hippie room ideas, all you need is a dose of nature. Use wood, rocks, and indoor plants in place of artificial décor items. If your bedroom has an open area, balcony or a gallery then don’t shy out in building your own mini jungle. Herbs, medicinal plants, bonsai and climbers formed a part of original hippie hideouts during the era of psychedelics habitats, when they grew around American and British suburbs. You can make DIY planters using old pots and crates, otherwise a visit to a nearby nursery will do no harm if you are planning for indoor gardening.


The hippie lifestyle roots back to time when human civilization lived with no bondage. The handicraft and handmade items carry the century old experiences and learning. A part from what they represent, hand-crafted pieces add raw beauty to the surrounding. Look out for handmade bohemian decor items which can add a rustic edge to your bedroom. Handicrafts such as embroidered pillow covers, woven blankets, knitted wall hangings and statement pieces like ceramic models, idols, pots and vases are like investments for your hippie room if you have an eye for traditional art. Decorate your room with human history and culture that’s embedded in the evergreen beauty of handicrafts.


For those who wish to stay contemporary and are browsing for hippie room ideas, something that can match their psyche but still look chic, fill your room with masterpieces. Hunt for Art and artists that can add value to your decor. Paintings, collectible sculptures or anything of that can steal the attention of anyone who steps into your bedroom. An interesting idea is to get personalized items like a portrait of yourself, your icon or anyone or anything you deeply admire. This world is full of wonderful artists, find people who can create the drama on the canvas which your room craves for, order in from budding artists or pay a visit to an art gallery. Find yourself the artefacts that you believe will give you a great company when you are in your hippie hideaway.

Listen to your heart and keep experimenting with hippie room ideas. If your decor goes in sync with your energy and makes you happy, then the purpose of this article has reached you. A small advice for our bohemian lovers is to use decor items for your bedroom that are sustainable and functional. Hippie room ideas have a lot to do with old and rustic pieces. Though you can keep them in their original state for aesthetic purposes, make sure they are properly repaired and safe to use. Consider the idea of reusing your old decor item and more interesting DIY ideas will help to add the personal touch. Incorporate the above mentioned ideas and never limit your creativity while building your own hippie room. Whatever you choose for your bedroom, in the end you should feel home.

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