Mandala Tapestries

Coming to mandala tapestries, their uses are dynamic, from using them as a mandala wall tapestry on bare walls to using them as the mandala comforters, covering your furniture and even lightening up your ceilings. Mostly used as a dorm room piece of decor, they are best used as a picnic rug and of course, to make the beach trips look some extra colorful.

The emergence of patterns like mandala which basically represent any or all kinds of patterns in a form of circle, were first seen in the Himalayan regions of India. People in those places used these artistic mandala expressions to create symbolic relationships between the spirit and the universe. As mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures, mandalas signify a period of creativity, a powerful existence and majorly as a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the universe at large. In relevance with the ancient Hindu scriptures, the significance of deeper connection with self still prevails in the modern day mandala symbolism which is meditation. Mandala in the modern day is a symbol of meditation, enhancing focus, appreciating the beauty of nature and combating stress and anxiety. 

Raajsi offers an array of mandala wall hangings also known as star or chakra tapestries which are screen printed by hand with detailed multiple layers of patterns and popping colors like, black and white, green, blue, golden, and many more. When it comes to design and patterns, we have amazing elephant design mandala tapestries, floral mandalas, hippie mandalas, and bohemian mandala tapestries in twin & queen sizes both.