Elephant Tapestries

Elephants on tapestries, bedspreads, cushion covers and many more home decor objects and gift items are considered very ethnic and are an important part of the Indian society. Elephant patterns are considered a symbol of sturdy earthy mental health and intellectual strength. Elephants are considered as a representation of living Ganesha in hindu scriptures.

It is also considered as a symbol of fertility, good luck, wisdom, and protection from evil. 

At Raajsi, we have an array of handpicked and handmade elephant tapestries to choose from. Huge elephant doodles all over your tapestry or tiny detailed ones forming huge mandalas with vibrant colored layers, we have an exclusive variety of tapestries to blend in any room decor vibe. Our designs contain psychedelic watercolor elephant tapestries, black and white elephant tapestries, mandala elephant tapestries, tree of life elephant tapestry, and many more. 

Browse through our collection of Indian handmade elephant tapestries available in popular sizes.

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We are a team of artists who love bohemian lifestyle and Raajsi represents our love for boho lifestyle, and India. 

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