Dorm Room Tapestries

Dorms rooms are great but privacy is a joke in dorm rooms. Whether you want to eat that jar of Nutella with bare hands or watch a barbie movie, it's not possible to enjoy your guilty pleasure in a dorm. So, is there any way you can get some rest from your uninvited life partner? Well, a dorm with tapestry will do the job.


Yes, you heard it right, dorm tapestries are your one stop solution for creating a private space in between the dorm room sections which is shared by you room partners. Getting a personal space is as easy as hanging a tapestry between the beds.

Moreover, with great designs and superlative colors of a colorful tapestry, your part of the college dorm can always stand out from your random clumsy corners. The best thing is, you don't need heavy equipment to do it and even duct tape will do the job for you.

Hence, for the love of isolation, browse through our prolific collection of tapestries for the dorm room at our stores. It is assumed that you'll surely find something that lets you live free and finish your jar of Nutella completely alone.