Bohemian Tapestries

A boho tapestry is a short name given to the Indian bohemian tapestries since they have come across ages and still are one of the most unique chic tapestries of all times. Perhaps the popularity of these bohemian wall tapestries has begun with the hippie movement but we can consider them as beautiful pieces of fabric hung up on any room blending beautifully with almost any room decor.

The term “bohemian” is associated with a person who is socially unconventional and especially a person who is involved in the arts. As the name itself suggests, bohemian decoration is a style which fills your place with life, energy and art all around. 


With a boho tapestry, you can decorate your walls in minutes. Bohemian tapestries can be used for your walls, windows, canopy hangings, and as picnic rugs - it totally depends on how creative you can be in using them to decorate your home. Screen printed by hand, every single pattern has layers of colors and designs giving you all the relaxation you need at the end of the day. Raajsi has a wide range of boho wall tapestries in all your favorite colors and patterns. Browse through our collection and choose the best one which gets along with your home decor.

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We are a team of artists who love bohemian lifestyle and Raajsi represents our love for boho lifestyle, and India. 

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