Black & White Tapestries

By any chance, if you are aware of shaolin culture, you must know that black and white color together symbolize the dark and bright side of life. Both these colors are known for their miraculous effects on a human brain. In that case, if you opt for a tapestry which is black and white, you can glorify your house with both the aspects of life.

Talking about the style, white and black tapestries look perfectly great for a home decor. They slide away with any interior and home decor easily. 

Not only this, they also signify your existing decor with their minimal yet attractive nature. Therefore, if you are also fond of black and white color then these screen-printed tapestries are a perfect choice for you. We, at Raajsi offer a wide range of black and white tapestries made in India with process of screen-printing on 100% organic cotton fabrics. So, get them right now and design your house like never before.