Beach Tapestries

Hang it on a wall or drape or hang it on the scorching hot sand, beach tapestries can gradually increase your happiness at a beach. These tapestries not only make up a great picnic blanket, but a form of art that would attract everyone around you on the beach.

So, witness the silence of oceans, the cheer of seagulls, and the excitement of party nights on a beach with tapestries. Moreover, they are not only great as a bedspread but an ideal companion to save you from the hot sand. 


With an availability of endless designs of beach tapestries at Raajsi, your beach experience is no less than an escape to paradise. Furthermore, it doesn’t even matter if you are at a beach or not. With tropical designs of tapestries for the beach, you can stimulate your room to feel like you are on a seashore.

More about Raajsi

We are a team of artists who love bohemian lifestyle and Raajsi represents our love for boho lifestyle, and India. 

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