About Raajsi

Our Motto

“Connect With the Bohemian inside You”


In addition to the bohemian home decor and the bohemian inspired lifestyle we passionately believe in travel, yoga, interior decor and the psychology of decorating.

(We are also 100% sure that integrating the right home decor objects will put you in a permanent good mood, it will optimize your health, and generally improve your life.)

We at Raajsi offer a wide and distinctive range of high quality handmade and screen printed home decor accessories like mandala wall tapestries, psychedelic and trippy tapestries, handmade cushions and pillows like the kantha, patchwork, ikkat and embroidered pillows and more. We aim to directly empower the families of our artisans and their workmanship.

Raajsi is a platform for not only eclectic and bohemian interior decor products but also a platform for our skilled artisans to be empowered to earn a stable and healthy income through their unremarkable skills and art.

The Appeal of Exclusivity

Each of our craftsmen put their heart and soul into making every single handmade piece like the patchwork, kantha and embroidered cushion covers to give you the “made-only-for-you” appeal.

From the selection of the finest raw materials to the final color and theme elements, they put attention to every stitch and aspect of our handmade creations. Every handmade product of ours is made by a single human being. Thus, no two products are similar even if they are made by the same person or even if they are designed the same way. They hold their hand-crafted uniqueness pretty well.



       1.   We source products which are handmade by the artisans based in rural India

      2.    Spread the bohemian vibes through our products representing vibrant Indian culture

     3. Break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future


Along with a comprehensive approach towards the economic development and social impact our central focus is on our customers as we aim to deliver the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to deliver the hand-crafted items exactly as pictured and demanded. We aim to create an interactive experience between you and our artisans based here in India because only then we believe the scenario of owning a handcrafted product becomes fun and memorable.

Why should you buy from us?

·         Fast Shipping: To deliver excellent shipping services we pack your items in our business hours and ship items in one to two working days. We deliver the item to any place of the world be it USA, UK, or any other country or continent. Your item will be at your doorstep.

·         Customer Support: To resolve your query or need any assistance about item, shipping and others we have an excellent support system which gives you excellent service within 24 hours.

·         Flexible shipping and return policy: We have the most flexible shipping and return policy which makes it comfortable for customers to buy products.

·         Safe Shopping: We run a comprehensive safe shopping system in house as trust is the foremost thing for each transaction. We offer one of the best Payment Security, Product Guarantee, Easy Replacement.